Karen Wazen’s new daily routine consists of our new Pantene Primer that she uses as her pre-wash detangler before she continues her usual hair routine.

Have you been suffering from Hair Fall lately? Then Pantene Primer is here to relieve you from your tresses’ stresses. The latest Pantene innovation helps detangle your hair to avoid breakage and hair fall in the shower…and it’s suitable for ALL hair types.

It’s the latest Pantene innovation that will save your hair. Add it to your shower routine as a pre-wash detangler to relieve your hair from tangles and breakage & hair fall in the shower.

Pantene Primer is your go-to product to experience less breakage and hair fall in the shower. It’s one important step to relieve your hair from all those tangles caused by starting your wash with a shampoo.

Pantene Primer is here! it is the latest innovation for hair, and it will change you hair-care routine completely!

Pantene launched the latest technology in hair care : Hair Primer. It primes the hair pre-shampoo, to relieve tangles, breakage & hair fall in the shower! It gives instant results & makes hair washing LESS stressful.

Taking the proper time to rest my hair from blow drys while focusing on nourishing it with the right vitamins from the #PanteneSuperfood range.

I am definitely staying away from everything that might damage my hair, but I will take care of its immunity with #PanteneSuperfood range.

My self-care is important and so is my hair care…luckily, I’ve got #PanteneSuperfood range here to help strengthen my hair’s immunity.