For most of us, hair reflects our personality and plays a major role in boosting our self-confidence. It is normal for your confidence to increase when you feel your hair is beautiful and shiny. It helps you feel ready to face the challenges ahead of the day.

On the other hand, on days when your hair isn't looking so good, you might get frustrated and feel a little less confident. This, of course, includes how hair fall may make us feel.

Hair fall is a problem that many women face, and today there are numerous and various causes of hair fall - we will discuss them later! But first, here is a quick test to determine whether your hair fall is normal:

Hold a hair strand (20-40 hairs) with your thumb and forefinger, and drag it hard enough to pull your scalp, then count the number of hairs that fall. If you see more than 6 hairs, this is an indication* that your hair fall is beyond the normal range, and that you should see a doctor. You may also notice your hair falling a lot in bed, on your hairbrush or in the shower, all of which are signs of increased hair fall.

Now that you know if you are experiencing a hair fall issue, you should search for the cause, which may be one (or more) of the following:

Genetic hair fall

Genetic factors play a big role in hair fall due to genes that are passed on from one generation to the next and may be the cause of your hair fall. Don't worry, this problem can be fixed! See a specialist to treat genetic hair fall.


Not eating foods rich in protein, iron and B vitamins can lead to hair fall. Since the hair does not get adequate nutrition, it weakens and tends to fall out. A balanced diet plays a major role when it comes to strengthening hair roots. Strong and healthy roots come from a healthy and balanced diet.

Tension and stress

Who among us does not suffer from tension and stress from time to time! With the fast-paced environment that we live in today, we face many challenges that cause stress on a day to day, which is one of the main causes of hair fall in modern society. The solution, of course, is to stay away from sources of stress. Try to unwind and practice relaxing activities such as exercise, yoga and meditation.

Hair tangles

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you shampoo your hair, it becomes dry and your strands tangle, forming even bigger knots? When you pass your fingers through your tangled locks to shampoo your hair, you are most likely breaking hair strands and causing it to fall out while showering.

That is why we recommend using Pantene Hair Primer, a brand-new pre-wash detangler that you can use to pre-condition your hair before showering. It exceptionally moisturizes your hair, detangling and preventing hair fall in the shower due to breakage.

You may be wondering how to use it! Well, here's how: Put two pumps of the primer in your hand, then spread it all over your wet hair from the ends to the roots and leave it as long as you like. Then rinse your hair well and wash it as usual with shampoo and any other products you like to use.

Using unsuitable shampoos

Using shampoos that are not suitable for your hair and scalp type may damage your hair and cause hair fall. So, it is important to choose the right products for your hair and pay attention to how your locks react to it.

We'll simply give you this valuable advice! Try Pantene Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo; It is a hair-fall-specific shampoo that gently cleanses your hair, making it stronger and more resistant to breakage due to styling damage. This shampoo boosts hair resistance to styling and heat damage and gives you healthier-looking hair with every wash. This product is ideal for hair that is prone to hair fall due to breakage.

Excessive hair styling and coloring

There is no doubt that the frequent and excessive use of hot hair styling tools and the repeated use of hair dyes contribute to weakening and drying hair, which causes significant hair fall due to breakage. We recommend you invest in good styling tools and ammonia-free dyes. We also encourage you to try the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner, a product built with the strength of a hair mask that repairs hair damage caused by styling in just a few minutes. From roots to ends, it revitalizes damaged hair and gives you smooth, shiny hair with its special anti-hair fall formula.

Now that you know the cause of your hair fall and the solutions to all these, you are ready to combat hair fall!

*This test is not an official diagnostic. Please see a doctor for a medical conclusion.