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Hair Styling Cause Hair Damaging

Because we know how much you love elegance, uniqueness, and taking care of your appearance, we have gathered for you a collection of easy, simple, and stylish hairstyles that will completely change your look and give you an attractive and eye-catching appearance. And the best part of it all is you can do them at home.

But first, let's emphasize that beautiful hair is healthy hair, so we recommend following a suitable hair care routine according to its nature. Pantene is here to help you with categorizing its products according to their function and purpose:

Hair loss prevention products

Dry hair products

Fine and weak hair products

Oily hair products

First, let's start with short-hair hairstyles! If you have short hair and you think there aren't many hairstyles that suit its length, let us tell you that you're mistaken, and we're here to prove you wrong. Short-haired ladies can refresh their look with attractive and distinctive hairstyles from home:

Now, if you're looking for a unique hairstyle, we recommend trying the front French braid hairstyle, as it shows off your charm and gives you a new look, whether with a single braid or a double one. If you're looking for a bold, trendy hairstyle resembling influencer styles, you can do the same hairstyle but with colorful extensions that will give you a vibrant modern look.

Double bun hairstyle: The double bun is one of the favorite hairstyles for short hair for many girls as it gives you a modern, fun look. It's even suitable if your hair is curly! Try it while leaving some front strands loose on your face and enjoy the wonderful look. If your hair is too soft, you can try the double bun hairstyle with some accessories to hold it in place.

Wet hair hairstyle: If you love cinema stars’ hairstyles, you should try this simple wet short hair hairstyle, which will look great for a night out. Or you can try the simple wet hair hairstyle by combing your hair back.

You can always add accessories to change the look of your short hair, such as hairbands, bows, and hairpins adorned with pearls.

For excellent results and free from flyaway hair, we recommend using Pantene's oil replacement, which not only leaves your hair soft but also forms a protective layer around each strand, protecting it from external factors. It comes in a variety of products to choose from based on your hair's nature.

Now, if you have long hair, this means a lot of hairstyles, models, and fantastic and attractive looks, but at the same time, long hair needs patience, care, and attention to its health and nourishment! Try Pantene's Super Food collection for hair, rich in "Pro-V" formula and antioxidants that nourish your hair from roots to ends, protecting it from damage, and giving you healthy, full, and strong hair.

Long hair also tends to get tangled during showering, so we recommend adding Pantene's Hair Detangler Primer to your regular hair-washing routine as it will help you enjoy a healthy, soft, and full hair look by reducing hair breakage and loss.

And now, for the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair, we've selected for you:

The simple reverse bun: This hairstyle won't take more than 10 minutes of your time, and you'll be ready to go! All you have to do is divide your hair lengthwise from the middle into two equal sections. Tie the sections in a knot at the back. Take the right part of your hair and continue the circle to the end and pin it in your hair with a hairpin. Repeat the same with the other part of your hair, and you'll have a wonderful reverse bun hairstyle for your long hair.

Bow hairstyle: Sometimes we feel like having a whole hairdo that renews femininity! And this is one of the long hairstyles that will give you a great look. Comb your hair back and hold a part of your hair from the right side and another like it from the left side, tie the two sections together from the back, then divide your hair into two sections after tying it, take the top part of your hair to make it look like a bow and pin it with a hairpin, do the same with the left part, then hold a small part of the remaining bow from the bottom and fold it upwards to be in the middle of the bow and pin it with a hairpin as well.

Side braid hairstyle: This hairstyle gives you a practical and distinctive look at the same time. To get it, all you have to do is comb your hair with a "Zigzag" pattern from the top of your head but not downwards, only until the middle of your head. Take the less hair part on the left side and form a braid to the middle. On the right side, make your hair from the top to the back to make it look denser, then form a braid to the middle. Take the left braid to the right side and combine it with the right braid to get one large side braid. And now, you're ready and fabulous!

As we mentioned earlier, adding hair detangling primer to your routine is a great start; but using it with Pantene's resistant to hair loss shampoo and conditioner "3 Minute Miracle" will give you amazing results, as these products are made from beneficial, rich, and nourishing hair ingredients that work to repair damaged hair, improving its resistance to styling and heat damage, making your hair look healthier with every wash.

Finally, we must say that beautiful hair is healthy hair! Always remember that following the right hair care routine will save you a lot of time and give you great, easy-to-style hair. What are you waiting for? Give your hair the care it deserves.

*All references on this page refer to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.