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Hair Coloring Cause Hair Loss

As the New Year spirit is upon us, we all are sensing an urge to shake things off and simultaneously chant, "goodbye 2020, see you never!" Let's turn over a new leaf and opt for a fun, exciting look—a perfect way to bring on the latest hair color trends that are currently flooding our social media feeds. Whether it's Gisele Bündchen’s natural bronde or Kim Kardashian's icy blonde, it's most certainly going to be an appealing '2021 look'.

So, let's spread the options right in front of us, shall we?

Between the creamy blondes and coffee tone brunettes… oh, let's not forget the vibrant reds, aubergine blue, and all the funky hair colors for our free-spirited, experimental souls. We've laid out the three most prominent hair color tones predicting they will be trending in the new year. Find your inspiration ahead.

The Golden Goddess

The balayage in coffee or caramel tones has proven to be a style that just never fails to impress and is ideal for all seasons. No matter if you've got sleek-straight strands or a full 'fro, you can color your crown to get this gorgeous, timeless look. Bronde is just never going to go off fashion. Whether you opt for highlights/lowlights, balayage, or ombre, the combination of brown and blonde-tones looks flattering on almost anyone and can be executed in a nearly endless amount of ways.

The Queen's Gambit Hype

After binge-watching the Netflix series, The Queen's Gambit, it has undoubtedly left us wanting Beth Harmon's strawberry wine red hair color. The vibrant 'Rouge tones' are deeper than copper-red but lighter than auburn, ideal hair color for various skin tones. Not only does this hair color make a bold statement for 2021, but it most certainly shows off your fiery personality. Choose from scarlet red to deep burgundy, depending on your skin tone, equally bold and elegant.

Ice Ice Baby

Are you looking for a drastic change? Winter is the best time to kiss goodbye to your warm autumnal hues and embrace frosty ash blonde hues. As cool as the weather and as dramatic as it looks, the mermaid Elsa locks have a multi-dimensional finish, perfect our sharp bob gals. It is achieved by a technique called foilayage, a saturation of blonde from the roots to the ends. A toner can also help accomplish the ash blonde with frequent use of the purple shampoo at home for a sassier winter look.

However, as fun and alluring as these hair color looks are; there is a lot of work that goes behind taking care of the hair's luster and quality. Hair coloring and bleaching can break those disulfide bonds permanently, leading to weak hair. Any sort of chemical treatment that alters your hair's color or structure is likely to cause damage. Investing in color repair products will undoubtedly cut the struggle short and surely keep your hair looking healthy while flaunting your choice of color. Here are some products that work best for colored hair:

The Pantene Pro-V Colored Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are products that in itself work to protect colored treated hair. It induces hydration and moisture from the roots to the tip. The formula acts as a shield for your hair and prevents it from further damage. Styling your colored locks and retaining its shine just got a whole lot easier with this powerful duo. Add the Pantene Hair Mask and Oil Replacement for Colored Hair for additional hair care love! Your colored hair will have never felt better.

If your hair is in need of a miracle after much coloring and chemical damage, you NEED to try the Pantene Pro-V Hair Rescue Nourishment Ampoules. Their rich and potent formula is a much-needed shot for your hair: A one-minute solution for weak, brittle, and damaged hair. The formula contains a high-concentrate that conditions and intensively nourishes each strand to noticeably reduce signs of damage while bringing back the life into your hair. Apply the product generously from root-to-tip and rinse it off. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds.