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Sometimes, we seek a little bit of change in our day to day – and finding a new hairstyle is a great way to re-invent ourselves. Changing our hairstyle is, indeed, a joyful moment, especially when we do something that feels like “us”; that gives us the control and confidence we need to turn around a bad day.

It is so tempting to play with our hair because the possibilities are just endless! But if you have run out of ideas or don’t know where to start, don’t worry – look no further! In this article, we have gathered the 7 best hairstyles of the year, brought to you directly from your favorite influencers, who use Pantene Superfood collection to create some breathtaking and easy hairstyles that you can replicate.

Karen Wazen’s Heatless Curls

Curly hairstyles have become the top choice for many celebrities, including the fashion influencer Karen Wazen.

In just a couple of easy steps, the ambassador herself is showing us how to create perfect curls using Pantene Superfood Oil Replacement. With just a few drops from the product and wrapping your hair in cute braids, you can make elegant, defined, and heat-free curls that capture the eye and the heart.

This oil replacement from Pantene Superfood collection doesn’t only help with styling your hair, but also treats it with the needed nourishment to keep it strong while boosting your hair’s immunity to protect your hair from future damage.

Layali Makeover’s Silky Straight Hair

A much-loved lifestyle blogger, Layali’s dark, silky and long hair seems like the perfect, yet simple hairstyle that we need in our life. Her hair succeeds in infusing mystery with elegance to come up with an undeniably beautiful look that we helplessly fell in love with. Before finishing your look, add a dime-sized amount of Pantene Superfood Oil Replacement and spread on the tips of your hair to give it some shine and nourishment.

Ghalia Mahmoudi’s Perfect Waves

From the first look, the beauty influencer Ghalia Mahmoudi steals our hearts with her desirable beach waves that give her a free-spirited appearance.

Ghalia made Pantene Superfood collection part of her hair routine to keep the strands vigorous and vibrant, and always giving it beneficial nutrients.

Diana Samman’s Pinned Sides

Searching for a cute hairstyle? Take a look at Diana Samman’s pinned sides and thank us later! The stunning beauty influencer is teaching us how to do a tidy hairstyle using Pantene Superfood Oil Replacement in 3 easy steps.

All you need to do is part your hair so that one half is on the left and the other is on the right using a comb. Then spread a small amount of the product on your hair strands. Finally, use hair clips on the right and left to keep the hair in place. Now you are ready to go!

Nisa Tiwana’s Natural Waves

Nothing looks cuter than a natural look! The fashion and lifestyle blogger Nisa Tiwana agrees. She shows us how she achieves natural waves using the Pantene Superfood Collection, comprised of a Shampoo, 3 Minutes Miracle Conditioner and Oil Replacement. This combination has helped Nisa find the needed nourishment in one collection while reducing dependency on styling tools.

She recommends using the shampoo and conditioner in the shower to nourish the hair and make it softer. After the shower, she opts for the oil replacement to style confidently without any additional damage.

Malak Badawi’s Fun Short Hairstyles

Going for short hairstyles is an endless fun experience! The lovely actress Malak Badawi is bringing simple and amazingly youthful short hairstyles using Pantene Super Food Oil Replacement.

After washing your hair, dispense some oil replacement on your palm and start spreading over your hairs’ tips. Then, style it using a comb or just with your fingertips. You’re all set!

Rawaa Beauty’s casual up-dos

The best hair advice you can take is from beauty influencers, but this time Rawaa adds a little fun to it! If you aren’t into up-dos, take a look at Rawaa’s tips and you will definitely change your mind. These hairstyles are easy to do and fit in everyday life.

First things first, wash your hair with Pantene Superfood Shampoo and let it feed your hair with the immunity it needs. Then condition it with Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle to make it softer and detangled. Finally, after rinsing and towel-drying, add some Pantene Superfood Oil Replacement to style and protect it with ease.

What’s was favorite hairstyle? Share your hairstyles created with Pantene Superfood on social media tagging #PanteneHair