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We often attribute air pollution to just dust and smog. But did you know that polluted air also carries minuscule traces of combustion particles, pollen, and mold, to name a few?When you step outside, this polluted air attaches itself to your hair and scalp. This causes the friction in your hair to increase, thereby weakening it and reducing its shine. It also causes the skin on your scalp to become itchy & irritable, leading to damaged hair that falls.


The water that reaches you most days either comes from the ground or from the surface. And while we particularly investigate the purity of the water that we drink, we aren’t quite as attentive when it comes to the water that we bathe in.Often, this translates into us washing our hair with hard water. Now, this type of water, when deposited on your scalp, gives birth to brittle and damaged hair which is an open invitation to dandruff. Another problem with hard water is that it doesn’t let any kind of soap or shampoo create the kind of lather that is beneficial to maintaining hair health. If you are someone who tends to travel a lot, this problem particularly applies to you.


Today, we spend most of our time indoors, and most of us even assume that only the outdoors is home for pollution. However, in artificially controlled environments such as buildings with air conditioning, the air is circulated and recirculated. This recycled air can cause irritation and *hair fall. Our home, work, and educational spaces get sprayed on a periodic basis and on top of that, we use different types of cleaners to maintain the cleanliness of our space. The chemicals from these sprays & cleaners circulate in the indoor air, they populate your scalp, again causing irritation and hair fall.


Most of us have a very strong bond with our electronic devices: phones, tablets or computers. However, this strong bond is one of the main causes of weakened hair. What we don’t often realize is that these devices emit electromagnetic radiation, which comes under the realm of electromagnetic pollution. This radiation is responsible for direct DNA breakage, which is one of the most dominant hair fall reasons.

It’s true that all these factors add up to the list of hair fall reasons that ruin your hair health. So, then how do you stop it? That’s a question that many ask. And here’s the answer!

Maintaining good hair health is what will give you stronger hair, and Pantene helps you do that. The complete Pantene range is your go-to solution to fight hair fall.

Products like Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner really help enhance hair health and reduce hair fall. With proper products, tools and care, you’re all set to protect your hair.

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.