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A picture of the Pantene Goodbye Summer-frizz shampoo, conditioner and leave in oil with a text on the side

Meet Sarah

A 20-something-year-old girl with long, black curly hair. Whenever she steps into a room, her curls are the first thing people notice about her. She immediately receives endless compliments and many questions about the hair routine she follows.

Those bouncy curls have become one of her most loved assets… but sometimes a source of pain too!

Whenever summer creeps around the corner, the curls become stubbornly messy. Sarah starts feeling conscious about her hair; and instead of receiving happy comments, she feels people start giving her a long, unsettling stare.

This is when she knows her hair went frizzy again – She can feel it in her soul.

Some summers she even opted for crazy solutions like cutting her hair short or trying a chemical treatment, but she never felt like herself when doing these. All she wanted was defined curls in a hot summer day! Is this so much to ask for?

No doubt, it’s a nightmare for all Sarahs (in plural) out there who have curly hair and don’t know how to handle it during the summertime. But luckily for us, the Pantene scientists have come up with the perfect solution - If you are one of these Sarahs, let us introduce you to THE ultimate Anti-Frizz solution:


Before delving in, let us explain this one first. There is a fine line between having frizzy hair and healthy, tamed curls. The first is messy and untamed; the latter is bouncy and soft. That’s why frizzy hair is also called unmanageable hair because it doesn’t allow you to control it. Instead, it controls you and your mood.

But why does frizz happen? When your hair is dehydrated and exposed to heat and humidity, the outermost layer of your strands is lifted, allowing moisture to pass in and swell the fibers. That’s why during summer, you might notice that your hair frizzes more frequently because of all the damp and humidity in the air. Obviously, being dehydrated doesn’t help.

Excessive heat styling, chemical processing, and lack of conditioning form the perfect atmosphere for frizz. They all contribute to the damage of the outer layer of the hair shaft that keeps your hair soft and moisturized.

Sometimes we take things for granted without questioning their effects on our hair. For example, we’ve always been sleeping on cotton pillowcases without knowing that they might increase friction. Instead, you should opt for silk pillowcases that are gentle and soft to the curls.

Also, you should avoid rubbing your hair with towels after showering because they might lead to hair breakage and awkward curls. That’s why more women are using old t-shirts to dry their hair.

Now that you have a good understanding of frizz and what makes it worse, it’s time to introduce the right products to your summer hair routine so that you can enjoy a fabulous, frizz-controlled summer.

Pantene’s hair experts are bringing you the ultimate solution for stubborn frizzy curls: Goodbye Summer Frizz collection. It contains a full set of anti-frizz products: A shampoo, a conditioner, and an oil replacement to keep your hair in check all the time.

The collection effectively tackles hair frizz even during the hottest times of the year. It protects the outer layer of your hair by giving it the moisture it needs to preventing humidity from coming in and causing frizz.

By shielding your hair with Goodbye Summer Frizz Products, you don’t have to opt for crazy solutions like Sarah used to. You can now protect and soften your curls in your shower with Pantene Goodbye Summer Frizz.