Getting your hair dyed can be one of the happiest moments of your life, especially when the hairdresser manages to give you the exact color you have been dreaming of. But the moment you walk out of the salon, you should know that your colored hair has become a huge responsibility that needs extra care. Dyed hair goes through a very tough process that affects the fibers and follicles to get you the needed shade of color. Hence, it becomes more prone to some annoying hair issues, such as hair loss due to breakage, frailty and dryness, to name a few. Ahead, we are giving you some real tips that work perfectly with chemically treated hair so you can keep your dyed hair healthy.

Avoid Shampooing in the Next 48 Hours

Just got your hair freshly colored? Avoid washing it for at least 2 days. Hair experts always recommend spending a few days without washing the dyed hair because the colors might fade out faster.

It actually makes sense because the dye won’t be fully absorbed into your hair strands by then, so it is better to wait as long as you can.

Also, when you decide to wash your hair, make sure not to use hot water because it can remove the outer layer of your hair strands, making the color less shiny.

Opt for Colored-treated Hair Products

Now that you know your colored hair is weakened by the dyeing process, you need to carefully choose your hair products.

If you are searching for nutrient-rich shampoos that strengthen hair follicles and fibers, we recommend grabbing Pantene Pro-V Colored Hair Repair Shampoo. It is very gentle on your hair and works on protecting the color while preventing further damage due to breakage in your hair.

After shampooing, apply Pantene Pro-V Colored Hair Repair Conditioner for deep treatment to keep your hair hydrated and vibrant.

Many Hair Washes Can Be Your Enemy

Washing your hair several times doesn’t only make the color fade out, but also wash away some important hair oils that protect it and keep it naturally moisturized.

It is recommended to wash your hair at most 3 times per week if your hair is oily; and 2 times per week if your hair is dry. More than that, you are damaging your hair and making it look dull and frizzy if you continuously wash it!

Stick to One Chemical Process at a Time

Your hair is already tired of all the chemicals applied during the coloring process. To go from black hair to blonde hair colors, your strands undergo a tough bleaching experience that makes them very frail.

We advise that you avoid performing other chemical processes on your hair, such as keratins, relaxers, perms, etc. It’s better to give it some time to refresh and regain its strength.

To fasten the repairing process, you can use Pantene Pro-V Hair Rescue Nourishment Ampoule to help address damage, dryness, and frizz issues caused by hair coloring.

Take Your Cap to the Pool

The chlorine found in the swimming pools can be your colored hair’s worst enemy. It is considered a powerful bleaching agent which means when it touches your hair; it will make the color less vibrant, leaving your hair look dull.

We advise you to take a swimming cap with you and try to protect your hair from touching the chlorine-filled water as much as possible.

Avoid Heat & Sun Exposure

Just like the skin, our hair too gets damaged under the excessive sun exposure, let alone the color-treated hair which is already sensitive and frail from all the chemicals. You can escape the unfavorable effects of UVA and B by avoiding the midday sun on your hair. The bright side? You get to look cute in a beach hat.