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Pantene Pro-V Nutrient
Pantene Born in Switzerland
Pro Vitamin and Magnifier

How It All Started

It was by chance yet again that news of Pro-Vitamin B5 made its way to the attention of beauty buyers for some of Europe’s top department stores. Very soon it became a highly prized and luxury hair tonic. It was in high demand at the most chic beauty counters from London to Paris to Madrid. The fact that it could only be produced in very limited quantities made it very exclusive and even more desirable. The demand for this miracle hair treatment inspired the creation of Pantene. And the world authority in vitamin efficacy—the Swiss Vitamin Institute—certified Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin B5 formula. At first, Pantene was only available in Europe, but over the years, hundreds of millions of women from the USA to China have discovered and made it the world’s most popular hair care brand. 

Pantene Vitamin Pro for Damaged Hair
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Stronger hair can resist any damage! Which is why Pantene has developed a powerful Pro-V formula that targets the damage while also providing a daily repair solution. Milky Damage Repair collection does just that; each product was carefully made to tackle your multiple hair problems whether daily, weekly or monthly, so you can go back to styling with stronger looking hair.