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The beauty of a woman’s hair is directly tied to her self-confidence. Women, especially Arab ladies, often focus on nourishing their hair to give them comfort and confidence. The healthier the hair, the fewer hair problems they face! We understand completely that hair breakage and continuous shedding can be a concern for you, hindering your dream of a dazzling look. You may not know that hair loss is often due to many unnoticed wrong practices.

Stress and enduring mental pressures are often the main reasons for hair breakage and shedding. Sometimes, excessive shedding can indicate a specific vitamin deficiency or deeper health issues, especially if you're losing more than 100-150 strands a day, which is considered normal. Your daily hair routine plays a vital role in its vitality and density loss. Constant styling, exposing it to high heat, or long hours with hair sprays holding it in place, can contribute to the problem. Proper hair washing is crucial to keeping it strong and beautiful. Neglecting its cleanliness or overwashing can lead to tangling, breakage, and consequently, hair loss. And using very hot water during showers? That adds to the damage.

Improperly combing your hair is also a major reason for hair breakage, like aggressively brushing it or rough-drying your hair with a towel. Even picking the wrong brush can lead to breakage and shedding if it's not suitable for your hair type. In addition to the hijab-related issues you might face as a veiled woman, covering your hair for extended periods can deprive it of oxygen, leaving it lifeless, thin, dry, and prone to breakage and shedding. This calls for extra care steps from you to ensure its protection and strengthening.

Hair nourishment goes beyond just natural remedies and a healthy diet; it's about preventing and boosting hair immunity from within for a lush, knot-free appearance. Many are the traditional habits passed down to protect hair from shedding, like hot hair baths, regular half-centimeter trims, eating foods rich in vitamins, iron, and zinc, and rinsing hair with vinegar before showering and washing hair twice a week. Yet all these attempts have failed, and breakage and shedding continue to destroy your hair relentlessly. But fear not! We'll share with you how to protect it. Simply put, the ultimate solution to all the problems hindering your hair's magical glow is Pantene's Hair Primer ! The award-winning product of the year from Cosmopolitan!

Just as we know the importance of using a primer before makeup, as it has become an essential step in preparing and moisturizing the skin, giving it a radiant look. Hair primer holds the same importance as it prepares your hair for shampooing by exceptionally moisturizing it, protecting it from tangling, and untangling knots that lead to excessive shedding during bathing due to breakage. Additionally, hair primer contributes to giving the hair more shine and strength, making it easier to style without falling out. Pantene's hair primer is an unprecedented innovation that will solve the problems of tangled and shedding hair caused by breakage, which many suffer from. Its smooth, non-sticky formula wraps your hair entirely, and it's easy to use, as you only need to apply two pumps of the product to your wet hair before showering and run it through your hair from ends to roots. You can leave it on your hair for as long as you want, wash it off with water during bathing, and then continue using your usual shampoo and conditioner routine. You'll notice that water will never tangle your hair again, and the shampoo will penetrate your hair smoothly, helping to reduce hair loss caused by breakage. Pantene's hair primer suits all types of scalps and all types and lengths of hair, without giving it an unwanted oily appearance.

And for that, add some hair primer to your hair care routine and wave goodbye to hair loss caused by tangles. Be as bold as your hair and choose the best!

*All references on this page refer to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.