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Hair Primer

Pantene Hair Primer


What is a Hair Primer? The Product That Will Revolutionize Your Hair Routine

Most of us are familiar with the magic of an eminent make-up primer and its long-lasting effects on our skin. It would be no surprise to learn what a hair primer can do to our hair! If you are not a makeup-junkie and that reference flew right up, let's jump into what a hair primer does.

We all hate the feeling of seeing hair strands falling in the shower – I don’t know about you, but it breaks my heart seeing my beautiful hair falling down the drain! A huge part of the problem comes from washing your hair while it’s tangled. Did you know that your shampoo can cause these tangles?

When you push your fingers through hair tangles, you are most likely breaking your hair strands and causing it to fall in the shower. This is where a Hair Primer, also known as a pre-wash detangler, comes in: To help you easily detangle your hair before you shampoo it, helping you tackle in-shower *hair fall before hair fall even happens.

What is a Hair Primer?

A Hair Primer is a pre-wash detangler that primes your hair before you wash it. It is designed to moisturize your hair before applying shampoo to prevent it from tangling during the shower, minimizing hair fall due to breakage.

Ever noticed, once you shampoo your hair, it feels dry, dehydrated; and it bundles together, resulting in more tangles? This is what a pre-wash detangler solves: It de-tangles the hair, enabling your fingers to run through your hair when you shampoo it, avoiding hair fall due to breakage.

A new secret weapon, a good pre-wash detangler: Pantene Hair Primer

Pantene Hair Primer is a pre-wash product that primes and detangles, curbing hair from falling out in the shower due to breakage and allowing the shampoo to work its magic.

This pre-wash detangler evades all worries and is formulated with moisturizing ingredients, helping you soften your locks to avoid those unbearable hair tangles in the shower, sealing hydration in the hair while acting as a lubricant to move tangles through and out of the hair.

Using Pantene’s pre-wash detangler will feel like trying a moisturizing treatment at the comfort of your shower: A pain-free method to reduce tangling and hair fall due to breakage. No wonder it won the Cosmopolitan innovation of the year award!

Now, Let's not single out any hair type; this magic works for straight, wavy, curly hair, or even colored hair. Simply take 2 pumps on your hand and apply it to wet hair before washing it, spread it evenly and massage into your locks, working it up to the roots. The powerful ingredients will moisturize each hair fiber, wrapping the strands with nourishment, amping up hydration and significantly reducing tangling and hair fall caused by breakage.

Packing a punch with its powerful formula, it has long-term benefits that rank up with those "pro salon treatments”. Using it regularly will give your hair a dose of all goodness and make it much easier to wash your hair on a regular basis. So, let's introduce a lightweight pre-wash detangler to our daily hair care routine, say goodbye to otherwise impossible detangling and never have a 'bad hair day' with Pantene’s Hair Primer.

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.