Beautiful hair holds great importance in our day-to-day, as it often helps us feel confident and pretty; and a large part of the magic of beauty is said to lay in the health and strength of our hair.

Although we all have different types of hair, we also often share the same hair issues, the most common of which are hair tangles and hair loss. Hair loss is one of the problems that women most worry about, especially when seeing large amounts of hair falling during the shower!

What many don’t know is that hair tangling is one of the main causes of hair loss. Hair usually tangles when strands of hair wrap around each other, forming a knot that is difficult to remove. This problem is common in dry hair, hair damaged by heat or sunlight, split hair and curly hair, although there are also other things that contribute to this, like, the mere process of shampooing your hair.

You may feel an urgent desire to comb these tangled knots, but this may contribute to hair breakage and increased hair loss, which we do not want. That's why today, we’re sharing with you this guide to caring for your hair at home and the best ways to comb it properly to reduce damage and hair loss.

Use a pre-wash detangler before washing it

A pre-wash detangler moisturizes your hair before shampooing to prevent it from becoming tangled in the shower, reducing hair fall due to breakage. This is what makes Pantene’s Hair Primer really unique: It is designed with a smooth, non-sticky formula that easily coats your hair and prevents hair tangles that are usually caused during hair washing. Add two pumps of it on your wet hair, from the tips to the roots, leave it as long as you like and rinse it off before shampooing. This product won Cosmopolitan’s innovation of the year award – Once you try you’ll understand why!

Use an anti-hair loss shampoo

If you’re suffering from hair loss, it is best to use a shampoo that specifically tackles this issue with the right formula to help your hair. Pantene’s Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo is one of the best examples, as it works to restore life to damaged hair, protect it and make it stronger to withstand the heat of styling tools; all while combating hair loss caused by breakage and styling damage. It also gives your hair a healthy look after every wash.

Protecting your hair starts with choosing the best conditioner for silky hair!

Your daily hair styling routine and constant exposure to heat can damage your hair and make it prone to falling due to breakage. To avoid this, you should use a conditioner with the effectiveness of a mask to restore the life and shine of your hair, while protecting it from damage. As a consequence, your hair will be stronger and ready to withstand styling damage. This is exactly what Pantene Pro-V Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner provides. The conditioner works to strengthen your hair strands with its anti-hair fall formula and gives your hair unmatched shine and softness.

Choose a hairbrush suitable for your hair

Choosing the wrong brush for your hair could lead to brittle hair and more hair fall due to breakage. Therefore, when choosing a new hairbrush, you must consider a number of things, namely: The size of the brush, the shape of its bristle, and the material it is made of.

A comb with wide bristles made of wood helps to easily get rid of knots, unlike a round brush, which can make the task of combing hair difficult. If you have curly hair, you should comb it with a soft nylon bristle brush, which works to protect thick or weak hair from breakage. Use a wide-bristle brush to speed up the drying process.

In the case of thick hair, a brush with soft and spaced bristles would suit you, so that your locks don’t get stuck within the brush. But if you have silky and thin hair, a wooden comb with spaced teeth or rubber, or a hairbrush made of natural materials would be most suitable for you because of its flexibility - and it will also help with making your hair thicker.

Do not comb your hair starting from the roots!

First, do not comb your hair from the roots - start combing the ends from the edges where the knots are spread and dividing the strands of your hair, then comb it from half of it down and finally comb it completely, but in a soft and easy way to protect it from falling. Do not use a hairbrush in the morning but use your fingers to get rid of tangles.

And finally, style your hair in a way that avoids tangles

Often, our hairstyle plays an important role in our daily looks, so we understand if you want to make it unique, but do it in a healthy way for your hair! For example, braiding your hair tightly or in the form of a tight bun or ponytail can worsen your hair loss from the front in the long run, because these styles increase pressure on the follicles, preventing nutrients and blood from reaching them, which can induce hair fall. Therefore, it is best to style hair in a way that gives it the most freedom of movement. The most important thing is to untie any hairstyle before bed so that your hair can breathe and doesn’t get tangled during your sleep.

Follow these steps to enjoy healthy and detangled hair to look like your confident and beautiful self!