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Reasons for Hair Fall


A lot of us experience more *hair fall during this time of the year and contrary to what you may think, there are ways to control this. To find out how to keep your hair fall in check, you first need to have a good understanding of what is causing your hair to fall. ​

Did you know that one of the primary factors for hair fall is hair breakage? And there isn’t just one way this can happen. We’ve simplified it a bit and gathered some info on what could be the two biggest reasons that cause your hair to break and fall. ​


This tops the list of the causes of hair fall. Low levels of vitamin B and lack of essential nutrients are common reasons for hair fall. It happens when the diet is not wholesome and there is a lack of nutrients in the diet. One of the tips for this hair fall problem would be to stay away from foods that cause *hair loss and instead indulge in nutritious foods like lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables.​


This too is one of the most common causes of hair fall. If there isn’t enough protein in your diet, then the body starts to ration the usage of protein and instead stops the inflow of keratin to your hair. The growth tip here is to shift your diet towards a more protein and good fats rich diet while steering away from the foods that cause hair loss.​


Your body looks at sudden weight loss as physical trauma even if the weight loss is planned. Certain hair fall tips that can be used here are eating right and making sure your body stays well hydrated.​


Even though emotional stress is less likely to cause hair loss in comparison to physical stress, it can still happen in cases of serious situations: divorce, ageing parents, sudden death of a loved one... Here are a few hair fall tips that help: combating stress and anxiety with yoga sessions for instance or exercising regularly and talk therapy.​


This is one of the common reasons for hair loss. If you have someone in the family who has had chronic hair loss, you are prone to face hair fall. It can affect women in the form of inherited alopecia.


While we know pregnancy hormones can be one of the common reasons for hair loss, switching or going off birth control pills can be one of these reasons too. It may be more likely to happen if you have a family history of hair loss. A change in the hormonal balance during menopause can have a similar effect. Some hair growth tips for such situations would be to consult a doctor and/or switch to a different birth control.



One of the major reasons for hair loss is choosing the wrong hair products. What you should be doing is looking for a product that suits your hair type and solves your hair problems. For example, if you constantly see hair strands falling on your bathroom floor or getting stuck between the bristles of your brush, the anti-hair fall collection is what you need to go for; they are infused with a good mix of ingredients like the powerful Pro-V to help control hair fall.​


Our hair gives us a certain air of confidence. When we add hair styling to the mix, we get the entire recipe to enhance our confidence and decide how we feel about ourselves. But the truth of the matter is that hair styling often leads to hair fall. ​

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Hair colouring is a trend that’s here to stay. The blue, the reds, the ombre, and all the stunning shades can not only transform your looks but also make a statement about one’s personality. However, bright colours require your hair to be bleached to get the true tone. While coloured hair looks great from afar when you do it yourself, you realize the damage, dryness, and hair fall that it brings along. ​

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The scalp has a great part to play when it comes to hair growth and hair fall. Sweat and dirt can clog the follicles and create an unpleasant environment, stagnating hair growth, thus becoming a reason of hair fall. If one doesn’t maintain a healthy scalp, hair fall problems are unavoidable. Hair fall control remedies like DIY masks are one of the leading causes of a clogged scalp.​


Did you know that the process of shampooing causes tangles in your hair? It is normal that when you wash your hair with shampoo you are causing your hair to tangle and very likely to break too.​

If you want to stop seeing your hair falling in the shower, you should introduce a new hair product to your hair washing routine: A pre-wash detangler! ​

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*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.