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Hair Styling Cause Hair Damaging

Hair Damage & Hair Styling Tips

Our hair gives us a certain air of confidence. When we add hair styling to the mix, we get the entire recipe to enhance our confidence and decide how we feel about ourselves. But the truth of the matter is that hair styling often leads to *hair fall.
So, today, let’s talk about exactly how these hair styling done wrong can cause hair fall, shall we?


In our mission to flaunt our hair, we sometimes tend to go too far with our heat styling devices. What this does on a basic level is, it strips our hair of moisture. As our hair becomes dry, it becomes more vulnerable to breakage.Before you make the mistake of thinking that your hair is defenceless, you must know that your scalp does make efforts to keep your hair moisturized. However, hair styling affects your scalp which cannot supply your hair with enough moisture; making styling one of the main hair fall reasons.With these now lowered defences, your hair becomes more exposed to dehydration as the moisture begins to evaporate. One of our healthy hair tips is to nourish your hair and protect them from the heat with Pantene Oil Replacement that creates a protective layer to  shield your locks from styling and external damage.


Often, we ignore dehydrated dry hair and use different products to restore our hair’s shine. But many times, this works only on an appearance level. This has a really bad impact on your hair health and amplifies any kind of stress that your hair is going through already.When you expose your dry and dehydrated hair to heat styling hair appliances, it sometimes results in the burning of your hair shafts. This burnt and damaged hair comes with other evils. And you may think that the worst of these evils is the floppy look. But it’s not. The real problem here is the smell your singed hair carries.Among top healthy hair tips, one is to simply cut your hair off and give them a fresh start. But what if you don’t want to let go of your beautiful hair? Then make sure you condition your hair on a regular basis with Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner to help restore hair moisture and therefore healing your burnt hair.


When you treat your hair with heat, your hair follicles get affected. They become dehydrated and, therefore, need a longer rest before they start growing hair again. This results in visible hair fall, again making hair styling one of the top hair fall reasons.If you’ve got damaged hair follicles, it’s probably best to avoid exposing your scalp to any heat; this includes hot water and sun. It’s also recommended you use both Pantene anti-hair fall shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle conditioner; with their active Pro-V formulas combined, they’re the best pair to repair damaged hair.

We’ve well-established the fact that hair styling doesn’t have the best effect on your hair as it causes hair fall. But it still forms one of the most important parts of our daily routine. So, how do you control hair fall then?The key is hair and scalp protection & nourishment. So, the next time you want to grab those hair styling tools, grab Pantene Oil Replacement too, it not only will leave your hair smooth but will also create a protective layer that shields your locks from styling and external damage. As an extra tip: for deep nourishment, use one Pantene Hair rescue Pantene ampoule when needed, you can also grab our intensively nourishing mask to use once a month too.


*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.