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Hair Dehydration and Tangling Tips


We'd be lying if we said a 'great hair day' doesn't make us feel a whole lot confident. But many products and styling tools help us attain our favorite hairstyles in our day-to-day lives – And we admit it, sometimes we can go a little overboard!

What happens when we put so much heat on our hair is that our locks get stripped from their natural moisture, leaving them dry and unnourished; and in this status, they become a lot more vulnerable to breakage. If you don’t take good care, your hair can become brittle and easily breakable.

So, what can you do about it? The answer is simple: Nourish your hair and use a good Anti-Hair Fall Regimen. Using the best shampoo and a nourishing conditioner can be the one of the most effective *hair fall treatments.

Pantene Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo gently cleanses and makes hair stronger against breakage due to styling damage. It improves hair's resistance to styling damage and styling-induced stress leaving your hair visibly healthier-looking with every wash. Designed with a special formula that tackles hair fall due to breakage, it is the perfect shampoo for hair prone to breakage.

Combine this with Pantene’s Anti-Hair Fall 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner and you will unlock the anti-hair fall magic. 3 Minute Miracle’s formula contains the power of an intense hair treatment packed in the convenience of a daily conditioner. It contains more conditioning ingredients for smoother, shinier hair with the anti-hair fall formula that helps protect you against *hair loss caused by styling damage.


Did you know that the process of shampooing causes tangles in your hair? It is normal that when you are washing your hair with shampoo you are causing your hair to tangle and very likely to break too. You might be thinking – isn’t the conditioner made to solve this? Well, when you apply conditioner to your hair, it might already be a little too late…

If you want to stop seeing your hair falling in the shower, you should introduce a new hair product to your hair washing routine: A pre-wash detangler! This product will detangle your hair in the shower before you apply shampoo, avoiding this way further tangling, breaking and hair falling in the shower.

Shaking up the market, Pantene Hair Primer is a pre-wash treatment that prevents tangling, which leads to breakage. It is easy to use: Apply it on your wet hair before your shampoo, rinse it off, then do your normal hair washing routine!

Combine the Hair Primer with Pantene’s Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle and you have your perfect formula to minimizing hair fall due to breakage, while strengthening each strand . The result is an accelerated hair routine and a noticeable change of hair loss in the shower. Go on, reset your hair game, and opt for a much-needed upgrade with Pantene!

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.